The success of your business depends on people. Your people. Your business is only as strong as your team, and team strength isn’t just determined by degrees, professional competence and job descriptions.

When we talk about strength at edge, we talk about the innate talent of each person — that collective of strengths, values and skills a person brings to the table that goes beyond the resume.

And if you’re able to ignite that innate talent in each person, extraordinary things can happen.

We at edge know this firsthand. We have tested our methodologies in-house, refined them and know what works for our clients. We understand that teams work better and stronger when each person is able to bring their full self to work.edge-individual-performance-evaluation

The result? Greater ownership of, engagement with and productivity in their own work, and therefore that of the business as a whole.

Working with 150+ start-ups across four continents over the last decade, we’ve helped businesses improve their performance with our innovative services and a personalized approach to making business more than work.



Our various diagnostics provide important data to management: About the team members, their talents and what enables each, current barriers to collaboration, and how well your culture and processes enables performance. You will get recommendations where and how to start.
Interesting to both, investors and business leaders, is our Human Capital Health Check.


Start using edge’s Performance Toolbox, a collection of innovative processes and tools that transform how your teams deliver results.
Right Person on the Right Job, tackling Immunity to Change and enabling High-Impact Communication – sounds familiar?


Every fast-growing business is unique and has evolving need: Be it recruitment, evolving strategy through involving the whole team, or developing top leadership, we know how it feels. edge tailored approach might be exactly what you are looking for!


Our mission is to help you and your team do better business. We are working with over 30 businesses, investors and accelerators.

Here’s a sampling of our client success stories.

Knowing their talent profiles opened up a door for the team to get more interested in each other – everyone’s skills, work preferences and ways to build relationship in the business. It also gave us some real insights into why some people truly enjoy some of the activities they do while others don’t.

Max Scagnetti

CEO, Paralife

In 4 years of accelerating innovative ideas, we’ve proven that the way the team members interact, how they complement their personalities, capacities and abilities and alignment to the same goal are key ingredientes for the success of a start-up.

A tool like edge’s allows the teams to discover their strengths and weaknesses to make a better decision when forming teams in an easy and fast way – reducing risk of failure.

Johanna Harker

Partnerships, Wayra Colombia

Working with edge to hire for our growing team in Kenya and Mexico was a great experience, as their talent mapping tool allowed us to think through the role together.
They sourced candidates from scratch, then shared their analysis of candidates and matched personality types with what we were looking for. We certainly recommend edge for such level hires!

Jenny Everett

Deputy Director, ANDE




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